Graphic racing art

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I was commissioned by a friend to design a graphic for the back of his racing jersey.


Tesco ‘Manvertising’ – I fell for it

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Tesco have been churning out a lots of new packaging/range ideas lately and have rid their shelves of the ghastly old ‘value’ range packaging. The problem was the price was right but the packaging was about as attractive as a gray pebble dashed post war semi. Only now customers can buy ‘everyday value’ without feeling like its the early 1980s of Thatchers government.

Anyway. I totally fell for this ‘Manvertising’ of Tesco’s new Chunky Muesli – Cereal for Men.


The Greenwich Armours

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Behold the finest  biomechanical  works of art ever to come out of Britain. Tobias Capwell (jouster and Wallace Collection curator), takes us on a journey through the courts of Tudor and Elizabethan england and examines the role that the magnificent greenwich armours played in courtly life.

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Leon Vynehall – Homage

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