A fun one week pressure project which combined the skills of all 4 years of Product Design and Digital Interactive Media Design. The brief was to design a food related interaction for a ‘Social Digital Banquet’. Our project was based around the iconic chandelier as a centerpiece of a banquet. Our chandelier had a twist however. At the banqueters request the chandelier would unleash a payload exiting fillings encased in a chocolate nest onto a silver platter.

We explored several ways of creating a worthy theatrical performance. It had to be pyrotechnics. We originally wanted to melt chocolate onto the table using a powerful reel of demolition fuse. That rendered the chocolate inedible so we moved on to pyrotechnics as a way to cut through the wires supporting the chocolate. This kept the flash and excitement but did not spoil the chocolate payload . We utilized some old fairy lights hooked up to a wireless Arduino unit to control the chocolate demolition. The banqueter was then given a single button on the table with which to release their dessert.



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